Why Independence Matters

Your Agent is Your Advocate

From the solicitation of quotes to payment of claims, your Independent Agent will serve as an advocate and guide to the insurance world.

The Luxury of Choice

At Midwest Family, we strive to develop products that meet the needs of individuals and businesses, but we can’t be everything to everyone. That’s why you chose an Independent Agent. With a stable of top notch carriers, they will pick the one that’s best for you.


Of volunteer hours our agents have committed to their communities last year

An Expert in the Field

Independent Agents are licensed professionals with continuing education standards who have a legal obligation to provide advice in good faith for your benefit.

Community Involvement

Wouldn’t you rather be insured by someone who lives in your own backyard? Someone you can trust? Because Independent Agents are local, they’re committed to supporting their local businesses and community.

Service Without a Fee

Our premiums reflect the cost of your insurance consultant. There’s no extra cost! How can you beat that?

Why a MFM Agent?

With less than 400 Agents across 21 states, MFM is very selective in who represents us. We vet each and every Agency appointment before they’re made, so we can assure that our customers are being represented by only the best!

Ready to get started?

With over 100 years experience, we will make sure you get the best service.

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