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For most Americans, they’re largest asset is their home and that’s why choosing the right solution for insuring it is so important. At Midwest Family Mutual, we offer over 350 Independent Agents across a multitude of states who can offer expert consultation and place you with a company that offers world class claims service.



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MFM offers Personal Lines in the following states:

Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, and Wisconsin

A Single Policy to Meet all your Needs

Ask your agent about our Portfolio Option. It’s a great way to combine all your personal insurance products from home to auto to boat into a single policy! We also offer a First Class Portfolio for those high net worth customers who might be eligible. This product is LOADED with standard coverages and optional offerings.


Wildfire Risk Assessment and Classification

Our underwriting includes an independent modeling tool that provides location-specific data which has been proven to correlate to the risk of wildfire loss.  Using the Guy Carpenter Wildfire Risk Score allows us to differentiate risks being underwritten based on the site-specific wildfire hazards.

The Guy Carpenter Wildfire Risk Score enhances and repurposes the US Forest Service’s Wildfire Hazard Potential (WHP) for insurance usage. Each step builds on the prior step unless otherwise noted.

  1. Fire Intensity Adjustment: A factor based on conditional flame length is applied to the baseline WHP to mitigate impacts of fires unlikely to cause structure damage
  2. Enhanced Fire Suppression Adjustment: Account for enhanced suppression response in highly populated areas
  3. Spatially Filter and Resample: Apply a spatial filter to the adjusted WHP to reduce cell to cell volatility and capture the influence of ember transport
  4. Ignition Frequency Adjustment: Reduce the adjusted WHP in areas without recent ignitions to account for spatially homogenous ignition distribution in WHP
  5. Local Hazard Adjustments: Apply a factor based on granular 30m resolution fuel, slope, and aspect data

The Guy Carpenter Wildfire Risk Score generates a property-specific Wildfire Risk Score based on the components referenced above.  Each location will receive a score from Very Low to Extreme.


Wildfire Risk Mitigation Actions

Wildfire risk mitigation action means an action that reduces wildfire risk to your property. This may include creating a defensible space around your home by such actions as:

  • Removing trees overhanging your property
  • Clearing other vegetation within 100 feet of your property
  • Removing debris from your gutters, and;
  • Installing hard surfaces close to your home, such as a concrete walkway or rock mulch

In addition, it can include the use of noncombustible materials in your home like:

  • Class A fire rated roofing products
  • 1/8” mesh vent covers
  • Noncombustible gutter covers

Ready.gov’s wildfire preparation toolkit and Disastersafety.org are other good informational sources to help mitigate your wildfire exposure. 

The wildfire risk classification is assigned by our third-party scoring vendor and may not be adjusted based on any property-level or community-level mitigation measures that may be taken.

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Standard Coverages for Homes

  • 200% of Coverage A Blanket Coverage, Identity Recovery, Other Structures, Personal Property, Liability, Medical Payments, Personal Injury, Sewer Backup, Money/Securities, Lock Replacement, Removal of Trees, Fire Department Surcharge, Loss Assessment, Lock Replacement, Waiver of Premium for Disability, Debris Removal, And Much More…

Optional Coverages

  • Equipment Breakdown, Increased Sewer Backup Limits, Increased limits for standard coverages, Flood Coverage, Earthquake, Food Spoilage, Extended Liability, Secondary Residence, Additions & Alterations, Business Property, Business Pursuits Liability, And Much More…

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